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We are InfPALS 👋

A group of 2nd and 3rd year students guiding you through challenges with course material and helping you to apply your knowledge in new situations to strengthen your understanding. Together we will ease your transition into your new-found university life!

What do we offer?

Course Material

During first semester, we are primarily focusing on the content which is taught in the course "Introduction To Computation". We cover both parts of the course which are Computational Logic (CL) as well as Functional Programming (FP). The sessions cover material from the previous week, but our leaders are open to suggestions if you need help with a particular topic.

Industry & Academic Skills

Second semester is dedicated to workshops covering topics such as:

  • Command Line
  • Git & GitHub
  • Interview Prep & Coding Interviews

We host workshops to develop your skills and portfolio to help students get experience. We have previously built websites, games and more. See one of the projects we built last year!

Pastoral Support

Our leaders are there to support with not only academic support but also the transition to university life. Some sessions will have dedicated Q&As but questions are always welcome regardless.